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Post by Ruth on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:03 pm

The following are titles you can get through the campaign, and how you may get them. You can alternate between titles on your trainer card - just inform the GM who will edit your card.

Trainer - Graduate from the trainer school (You should all start with this title)
Explorer - Fully explore the region
Collector - Collect 10 of the same Pokémon in the evolutionary chain
Teacher - Become a master in an education stat
Hero - Commit a hero act (male)
Heroine - Commit a hero act (female)
Star - Win a master rank contest
Seeker - Become a master in all education stats
Master - Complete the Pokédex by collecting each Pokémon (Legendaries excluded)
Blessed - Collect 5 shiny Pokémon
Elite - Defeat the Pokémon League and be a member of the Champion's team
Champion - Become the Champion of Ozai
Felon - Commit a serious crime (This cannot be changed once given, unless to Terrorist)
Terrorist - Permanently kill 10 people or Pokémon (This can never be changed once given)
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