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Post by Ruth on Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:04 pm

MVP is Most Valuable Player. Here are the rolls for the nominations.

1. Cannot vote MVP for a filler session
If the session is not "canon", then you cannot vote for an MVP, unless exceptional circumstances.

2. You cannot vote for yourself
It's unfair to vote for yourself for MVP!

3. You do not have to vote for an MVP
You do not have to cast any vote for an MVP. This could be for whatever reason you'd like - you just simply do not have to vote.

4. Multiple people can get MVP
If votes come to a tie, each tied player can gain MVP.

5. You can vote for any reason
MVP doesn't necessarily have to be the player who did the best in the session. You can vote for them for whatever reason - did they make you laugh? Cry? Do something really cool? Funny? Stupid? Whatever your reason for voting, vote!

What happens with MVPs?

1. Extra XP
The MVP gains extra XP for the session.

2. Forum Tag
The MVP gets a forum rank for the whole while they are MVP! This is a great ball, as opposed to the Pokéball players usually get.

3. Bragging Rights
You have the right to brag that you have been MVP x amount of times Wink.
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