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Post by Ruth on Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:01 pm

Along with the general game rules from the core book itself, this campaign do have some of their own rules.

Game Mechanic Rules

1. Can only take one supernatural class
Whilst it is possible to take four classes in total, you are only permitted to take one supernatural class for your trainer.

2. You can take some classes from Do Porygon Dream of Mareep supplement
With GM permission, you may take the Researcher classes Jailbreaker or Upgrader from the DPDOM supplement. There is also a Research Pharmacology class which is available here.

3. You can earn Titles
Depending on your actions throughout the campaign, you can get different titles for your trainer card, which shall be updated on your trainer profile. The list of titles can be found here.

4. You and your Pokémon can die
Whilst most battles are none-lethal, there are some instances where your Pokémon and your trainer can die. Permanently. You can resurrect them at a revival center, but there will be severe penalties.

General Player Rules

1. GM has final ruling
No matter what happens throughout the campaign, through whatever conflict, confusion or action, the GM has the final say on what happens. Most likely, the events will pan out as roleplayed or rolled, but in the rare circumstances of difficult actions or conflictions, what the GM says, goes. The intention of this is not to remove your fun, but to prove a safety net for players so progress isn't blocked and players don't fall out.

2. Respect other players
In short, don't be a dick. Being a dick covers everything from racism, bullying, sexism, homophobia and to any other abuse and harassment of players. This is not to say that your character cannot be a dick, but so long as you as a player is not, then things are okay. That said, if someone asks you to stop OOC, you should respect that. Be lovely to one another - this world has enough crap as it is.

3. Don't take the piss
This is the only way I can describe this section. Bending the rules a bit is fine, but don't do it too much that it makes you become a dick (see above). You cannot decide you don't like a perception roll that you made and then re-roll it by essentially "looking elsewhere". Do not beg for benefits, inspiration, MVP votes and more. You will be informed if you are taking the piss and should therefore stop immediately.

4. Report if you are unhappy
If you are unhappy with something a player is saying, something the GM did or something that made you uncomfortable in the campaign, report it. Either send the GM a message on Skype or a PM on the forums and detail your issue. The GM will then try and attempt to rectify the problem, or at least apologise for the discomfort and will attempt to never allow it to happen again.

5. Be contactable
This is very important. As we are all across the world at the most part, getting everyone together to be ready to play is essential for a smooth campaign. Everyone has something going on in their lives at any point so it's understandable that some times, it takes a while to reply. But be sure that the GM has a way to contact you with information about the campaign. This can be Skype, Facebook, Text, Email or more - anything which you will check regularly and get your attention. Please do not go radio silence when the GM is trying to contact you, else you will miss out on a lot of information for the campaign.

6. Let us know if you're going to be late
Life happens, and the GM is understanding of that! But a quick message to inform the group that you will be late to the session, or will be unable to attend, will make everything a lot smoother. More information on when sessions will start and when will be announced on the forums and within Skype. It is then your responsibility to ensure that you can attend, and if not, inform the group that you will be unable to.

7. Do not Interrupt
It's difficult to do when conversing over Skype, but try not to interrupt other players when they are speaking. When too many are talking at the same time, it makes things very tough for the GM to understand and may miss some vital information. If someone else is talking at the same time as you, wait until they are finished, or ping the GM to queue you to speak next. (Think of those circles in school where the one holding the beanbag is the only one allowed to talk).

More rules may come later!
This is not a finalised list! More rules may come later upon player suggestions, or depending on how the campaign goes. Players will be notified when there is a rule update.
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