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Post by Ruth on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:17 pm

[Class] Researcher: Pharmacology Fjlx1Gf

A researcher field focused on the production of drugs and medicine. Drugs produced by a pharmacologist are usually experimental and their effects, while useful, are also risky. Pharmacologists extract components for their recipes from Pokémon, while extracts can be bought or sold like any resource, the prices for them will vary depending on the setting.
While original design intent wasn’t for the Pharmacologist to play like a necromancer or “dark science” class, fainted Pokémon just became a natural, secondary source of extracts outside of the pharmacologist’s own Pokémon team that made sense. As such, a pharmacologist’s resources will vary based on the amount of wild Pokémon encounters available and their resources will likely dwindle trainer battles. Violently taking extracts from other Pokémon isn’t the only possible approach either, for example a Pokémon friendly to humans and familiar with researchers might be willing to trade an extract for food but would flee from hostility.

Prerequisites: Novice Medicine Education
At-will – Extended Action
You may craft any Pharmacology recipe for which you qualify. You must have access to a first aid kit, medical kit or equivalent to use this or other pharmacology features.

Pokémon Extracts
Prerequisites: Pharmacology, Adept Medicine Education
At-Will – Extended Action
Target: A willing or unconscious pokémon
Effect: Obtain an extract from the target based upon one of the target’s types. This effect may only target a Pokémon once per day, but multiple Pokémon may be targeted.

Combat Extracts
Prerequisites: Pokémon Extracts, Expert Medicine Education
Effect: You learn the move Natural Gift. You may use an extract instead of berry and treat it as a Damage Base 8 attack of the corresponding type.

Sometimes Biology is more Art than Science
Prerequisites: Pokémon Extracts, Master Medicine Education
See text – Standard Action
Target: A trainer or Pokémon.
Effect: You inject the target with an extract and they gain one of the following capabilities based upon the type of extract used for the next hour. You may only use this feature once per day per target.

Normal: Tracker
Bug: Threaded
Dark: Darkvision
Steel: Magnetic
Ghost: Phasing
Fairy: Alluring
Water: Gilled
Psychic: Premonition
Poison: Amorphous
Ground: Tremorsense
Fire: Heater
Electric: Wired
Ice: Chilled
Dragon: Mountable 1
Fighting: Aura Reader
Flying: Reach
Grass: Inflatable
Rock: Ground Shaper
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[Class] Researcher: Pharmacology Empty Pharmacology: Recipes

Post by Ruth on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:45 pm


Prerequisites: Pharmacology
Cost: ₱250 or any extract
Effect: You create an anti-radiation pill, an oxygenation vial or a Pain paring potion.

Essence based drugs: Novice
Prerequisites: Pokémon Extracts
Effect: You create one of the drugs below using an extract of one of its corresponding types.

Berserker BolusFireFightingDark
Spritz SprayFairyFlyingNormal
Locus LozengeBugPsychicFire
Puissance PelletSteelRockGround

Essence based drugs: Expert
Prerequisites: Combat Extracts
Effect: You create one of the drugs below using an extract of one of its corresponding types.

Shock SyringePoisonElectricIce
Soldier PillGrassElectricFlying
Traveller's TonicIceWaterGround
Rambo RoidsFightingRockDragon

Essence based drugs: Master
Prerequisites: Sometimes Biology is more Art than Science
Effect: You create one of the drugs below using an extract of one of its corresponding types.

Prescient PowderPsychicGhostWater
Sedation SerumGrassNormalDragon
Energy HormoneBugGhostPoison
White LightFairyDarkSteel

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[Class] Researcher: Pharmacology Empty Pharmacology: Additional Drugs

Post by Ruth on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:47 pm

Additional Drugs

Travellers Tonic
Cost: ₱500
Effect: A drink originally created by arctic nomads, the Travellers Tonic speeds up the rate at which veins expand and contract allowing them to better withstand the effects of extreme weather. The drinker becomes immune to weather effects and also gains a +4 to athletics and survival checks made to survive in extreme weather or to endure rough terrain. This effect wears off after four hours, the drinker will become extremely exhausted and will suffer from suppression until they take an extended rest.

Pain Paring Potion
Cost: ₱500
Effect: The Pain Paring Potion is ingested and immediately spreads throughout the users blood stream dampening the users pain receptors, it grants the user 5 damage reduction for 5 rounds and the next time the user would take an injury they may ignore it. The pain immediately catches up to the user as soon as the potion wears off, causing them to be flinched if they were damaged in any way during the duration of it.

Energy Hormone
Cost: ₱750
Effect: An odd painkiller and stimulant that enhances the body’s natural restorative properties against infections and other ailments. While it is quite potent, its effects are short lived and can result in far greater long term harm. As such, its only widespread use is by first response medics to buy time for patients who might not otherwise survive to receive proper treatment. The user may ignore any effects of status afflictions for 3 rounds, they still take saving throws as normal. Any status afflictions that remain after this time take immediate effect and are intensified until that instance of the status wears off or is cured. The sufferer of an intensified status takes a -3 penalty to saving throws, any damage, draining or health reduction inflicted is doubled and any stat reductions are doubled. This drug can be used to ignore intensified status afflictions.

Sedation Serum
Cost: ₱750
Effect: Nicknamed “dragon’s bane”, the basis for this drug was originally found in the slime of a Goodra and used to take down a rampaging Salamence. While its original intent was as a combat oriented sedative, it has since been used recreationally as a relaxant due to its strangely soothing properties. Anyone subject to the serum will suffer a -4 penalty to body skills, in exchange their spirit skills will receive a +4 bonus. The effects persist for an hour after application.
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